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The SAMI VIEW is a distinctive destination, an alternative travel proposal that is leading into the roots of the Human History and Civilisation. Located on the Island of Kefalonia.
It is addressed to the world of travellers world wide but it is created especially for artists, history lovers, scientists...


Villa / Apartments Sami View

"Sami View" in Sami Kefalonia is situated in a wonderful position on a hill just 500m. from the Sami centre and the beach. The location is very close from the famous Antisamos beach and all the rest wonderful beaches of the Central Eastern Kefalonia. All the above beaches and emerald sea shores were the reason for Homer to call this historical site "Sami amfialos" that mean "Sami between the seas".



Sami in Kefalonia

The port of Sami is one of the most ancient and energetic places in Western Greece. On a daily basis it's connecting the island with Patra and Continental Greece, the Ionian Islands and Crete and from May to October with Italy and Europe.




All the apartments are private and independent.  A full bathroom Is offered in each apartment, a fully equipped personal kitchen, a comfortable sitting/dinning area with a table and a window overlooking Sami Bay. The room is equipped with a flat screen TV. An open hall connects this area with a double bedroom and there is a door that exits to a balcony with unlimited panoramic views to the nearby by mountains, to the sea and the islands..


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